Agent Rana

Juggi Bhasin is the author of the new graphic series, Agent Rana, in the Times of India.

What happens when a breakthrough missile defence system, Kavach, is stolen from an Indian research facility? Enter the brave, never-say-die AGENT RANA, who is tasked with recovering the technology and crushing the forces behind the conspiracy.

Intrigued? Follow AGENT RANA's thrilling race against time int he first-ever graphic novel in the Times of India.Track the twists and turns as Rana's investigation leads him to seductive, treacherous starlet Husna, tough investigative reporter Alia, traitors in his own intelligence community, top Bollywood actors and directors, the cricket betting mafia and a dysfunctional industrial family.

Agent Rana:   writtten by Juggi Bhasin

Bollywood Deception
  • In the world of Friday releases, teeming with wannabees, the body of a starlet Jeanie would have gone unnoticed. What follows is a series of killings of young, aspiring actresses, each more gory and perverse than the other that has the police stumped.

    Kas Batterywalah, a disgraced former cop is like a fish out of water when he’s not working on a case. Kassatta, a suspended military doctor is hardly supposed to be in his life. And yet they are together, in Mumbai, wading through the scandalous lives of the top stars, their perversions and sinister games, and racing against time to connect the dots.

    It is also the story of a young woman, whose intensity and belief,make her stand out as a woman protagonist, unlike any other you might have read in Indian fiction.

    With more twists and turns than a roller coaster, Bollywood Deception is a thrilling, unputdownable read.

    ‘Bhasin’s … known for his thrilling, fast paced, real and contemporary plots, crafted with precision and brimming with minute, careful details.’ The Hindu

Blood Song

Simran Kaur Banga—a quiet, reserved girl living with her conservative Sikh family in South Hall, London is a poet at heart. But after a brutal rape she faces rejection by her own family who banish her off to a village near Amritsar to avoid public shame. There, amidst strangers, begins her nightmare of loneliness…. till one day she finds a friend and then, finally, herself as a true Sikhni.

BloodSong moves seamlessly from the Punjab of the eighties, the Khalistan terrorism, Operation Bluestar to the current Punjab.  Simran discovers that Punjab is in the grip of Terrorism of another kind: that of Deras and its self-proclaimed Gurus who work with the Politicians to exploit the poorest-of-the-poor;  Godmen who pit caste against caste to further their own cause. Godmen who will stop at nothing, not even assassinating a Sikh Prime Minister, for furthering their own cause.

Simran, unknowingly, stumbles upon this nexus and onto this extreme terror plot. Accompanied by Captain Suvir Suri she begins her fight to quell the storm that is brewing in the by lanes of the small villages of Punjab.

BloodSong:  Terrorism is not restricted to guns. Danger lurks in the fields of Punjab and behind the benign masks of self-proclaimed Godmen and their partners in terror, the Politicians

The Terrorist
  • I have always been fascinated with the subject of terrorism especially the how and the why: how and why young people take to it, ready to sacrifice their lives, living lives filled with irony - that are completely misguided and yet completely focused at the same time. This is a vast, complex subject in which individual aspirations and desires, mesh with community and personal religiosity and the over arching body politic that makes heroes or villains of individuals amongst us.

    The Terrorist book is the fascinating but complex journey of two young men, both torn with their own doubts and demons within, in a clash that spins across the dustbowls of India - Pakistan, the killing fields of Kashmir and the vulnerable city of Delhi.

    It is also the story of a young woman, whose intensity and belief,make her stand out as a woman protagonist, unlike any other you might have read in Indian fiction.

    There is much more that is completely unexpected in the book, which could even stun you, but to know more you will have to go and get your copy today.

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The Avenger
  • Continuing on the story with geo political terrorism as the background, The Avenger, is the story of the Private Sector’s war on Terrorism.

    A plane-full of young college girls of Delhi, on way to Switzerland to celebrate the birthday of one of the girls, is blown up in full view of the Indian media by Sikander Khan, the dreaded terrorist. The birthday girl was the only child of Jindal, India’s leading Industrialist. While the government, as usual, dithers and hands out ‘good-boy’ certificates to Pakistan, Jindal takes it upon himself to fund a private army to flush out the terrorist from Pakistan and kill him.

    You will meet Suvir and his team in The Avenger as you will some very strong women protagonists. But then I don’t want to say too much except that go and read The Avenger!